The Shah of Rani

Kevin certainly knows how to keep his cool, and his new acquaintance is impressed.

KTB 042262 TA 150 qcc

What’s less impressive is the laziness of the name given to the Shah, an anagram of Iran. But a quick look online shows that the time period of the action does correspond to the beginning of the Safavid Empire, when rulers referred to as Shah first arose. Beyond that historical note, this sequence is as near to fantasy as Kevin ever strayed. It’s a good thing, because it all seems a bit cliched to me.

KTB 042962 TA 150 qcc

They seem to have made quick work of rebuilding the stone bridge, but danger lies ahead. Religious fanatics  are introduced, and they’re not the visiting Muslims!KTB 050662 TA 150 qcc

To be continued…

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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