In addition to the unusual tone of the story, the episodes themselves have a slightly different appearance—most have only six panels. And while the story is a bit silly, it does have a nice graphic impression.

KTB 051362 TA 150 qcc

Kevin is fortunate to be able to persuade his antagonist to help display the “jewels” more discreetly, and as he reaches the king’s palace, he is relieved that his job is over.

KTB 052062 TA 150 qcc

King Henry’s abrupt dismissal and useless advice, to merely dispose of the Shah’s gift leaves Kevin at a loss.

KTB 052762 TA 150 qcc

After a serendipitous meeting, Kevin seizes an opportunity to find a taker for the Shah’s gift.

KTB 060362 TA 150 qcc

Thanks again to Arnaud for the tabloid scans.

Here is a half-page version of this episode, which serves as a finale to both the story arc and Jay Heavilin‘s stint as writer for “Kevin the Bold.”

KTB 060362 HA 150 qcc

To follow the action as it returns to Kreigh Collins’ stewardship, click here for “The Field of the Cloth of Gold” sequence.

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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