Big Horn No. 1

“Kevin le Hardi” was included as part of five French “Big Horn” comic books, which were published beginning in October, 1957. The comic books, though small in trim size (about 5-3/8″ x 7-1/8″), were quite lengthy, 128 black and white pages plus color covers. On the cover, Kevin received third billing, and Kreigh Collins’ creation ran on the 31 pages at the back of the book.

Warren Tufts’ title comic occupied the first 32 pages, and it was followed by “Kid Colorado,” by John Wheeler. Each of the comics have nice, custom introductory pages (three pages for “Big Horn.”)

At the conclusion of the “Big Horn” adventure is an ad for “Fantasia.” Next up is a sizable chunk of “Kid Colorado.” I wasn’t able to find out much about it, other than it was the work of a British artist, John Wheeler. Here, it runs for nearly 60 pages—about half the comic book’s pages—and is followed by an ad for “Rancho.”

Now, allow me a “Wizard of Oz”-like transition (RGB files for the good stuff!). Here’s the star of our show, Kevin le Hardi. I know just enough French to make some foolish assumptions about what I’m reading, so it looks like the charming introductory page presents Kevin, his enemy Von Blunt (en français, Von Blut), and his loyal, um, squire (I had to look that one up), MacGrégor (Stub).

“Big Horn No. 1″ features the fourth chapter in the “Kevin the Bold” saga, “The Witch Hunt.” The action picks up with the episode that ran in Sunday comic sections on August 5, 1951.

Ici, a single Sunday episode typically runs three and a half pages (sans throwaway panels).

Au dessous, the September 2, 1951 episode starts at the end of the left-hand spread, and in the center spread, a couple of panels are reversed in order. Otherwise, the panels follow unimpeded for the remainder of the chapter.

Près de the very end of “Big Horn No. 1″ (page 124), the fifth “Kevin the Bold” chapter begins. It features the foe shown on Kevin’s introductory page, Von Blut. The second-to-last page has another example of panel re-sequencing—Von Blut’s mug originally ran on September 23 but it is plopped right in the middle of the September 30, 1951 episode. It works just fine.

Sous the final panel, it curiously states “end of the first episode,” but it’s not even the end of the September 30, 1951 episode! Not to worry, the action continues in “Big Horn No. 2.”

Malheureusement, the back cover highlights everyone but Kevin le Hardi.


For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Big Horn No. 1

  1. Hello. This number one of “BIG HORN” with his imperfections was and stay very precious for me.. Child, in it, i have discovered two very very great comics designers, WARREN TUFTS and KREIGH COLLINS… not well known in France and scorned by the snobbish and stupids Parisians
    critics… All my career, i’d search for looking with admiration at the designs of KEVIN, UP ANCHOR, we seen some in the MOUCHOT publications BIG HORN, PONCH, BIG BILL le CASSEUR and after i find some US books before internet..And the complete work of TUFTS
    CASEY RUGGLES, LANCE, ZORRO, etc… I dreamed to design like this..and your blog is a really pleasure

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  2. I have the six issues of “BIG HORN” N°1 to N°6 With KEVIN, After that follows in “PUNCH” four issues N°1 to N°4
    and it was brutally cut..I only found some épisodes in Italian Il NERBINIANO and since internet , very thanks, on Ebay
    and others sites, some large plates , since i have bought the booK KEVIN the BOLD January 1955 to June 1957 on Amazon
    and finally discover your beautiful blog, with new discovers every week, thanks you !

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