The Predator

The past six weeks’ Sunday comics set the scene in a historical context, taking place during the Field of the Cloth of Gold, and now the action settles into a more local, intimate setting. 

KTB 071562 TA 150 qcc.jpg

Surely there could be no harm in offering to stage a joust for an enthusiastic, convalescent child.

KTB 072262 TA 150 qcc.jpg

KTB 072962 TA 150 qcc.jpg

Having demonstrated his brute strength, Basa also shows he is a louse, and worse.

KTB 080562 TA 150 qcc.jpg

The Complete Mitzi McCoy

Mitzi cover final

To read the complete run of “Mitzi McCoy” comics, The Lost Art of Kreigh Collins, Vol. 1: The Complete Mitzi McCoy can be found here; it’s still available at its pre-order price of $24.95.  

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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