The Search for Sadea

Not long after launching “Mitzi McCoy,” Kreigh Collins began to tire of the strip’s setup, a contemporary comic with a female lead. With his background in historical subjects and costume illustration, he longed to do a “cloak and sword” feature more in line with his interests. So when “Mitzi” abruptly morphed into “Kevin the Bold,” Collins was more than ready with ideas for Kevin’s initial adventures. The following sequence, Kevin’s third, is absolutely loaded: beautiful illustrations, fascinating characters, stunning locations, and action. There is drama, humor, and blossoming romance. It also defines Kevin’s raison d’être.

In the climax of the previous sequence, Kevin faced (and defeated) the formidable Count De Falcon — in mortal combat. By tournament rules, Kevin won the Count’s horse, sword, and armor. Revealing his character, Kevin spared his opponent’s life, and let him keep his sword and armor. And not only that…

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Kevin’s beef with De Falcon arose from the belief that the Count had mistreated his horse. After discovering this to be untrue, and learning what brought De Falcon to Ireland in the first place, Kevin discovers his next challenge.

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After learning more about the mysterious, brave man who had first saved her family, and then treated his vanquished foe so kindly, Moya begins to fall for Kevin. Because of his credo, she learns that she must wait. Surely she won’t mind that the woman Kevin is determined to rescue is a beautiful blonde…

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