The Shipwreckers

The Chicago Sunday Tribune was an early champion of “Kevin the Bold.” However, by 1957, the comic ran in its dreadful one-third page format more often than not. The Detroit News, another large-circulation paper, still ran half-page versions.

The following sequence of comics from the News features an impoverished farmer who turned to a life of crime in order to support his family. David Drew feels justified in his career path, as he thinks his lot have been exploited by the wealthy. Soon, circumstances arise that give him a change of heart.

Meanwhile, Kevin is In London, attracting the attention of pretty ladies. As usual, they are falling for him.



2 thoughts on “The Shipwreckers

  1. Here is a strange one for you. I was born in 1952. I was told many, many years ago by my parents that I was named after the comic strip, “Kevin the Bold”. My dad used to read the strip to my older sister. Both my parents are deceased. Until this morning it never occurred to me to check out the strip to see if it really existed. It apparently did.

    My parents pronounced “Kevin” as “Keevin”, that is, with a long “e” sound. So, I have spent the last 64 years being asked why my name is not pronounced Kevin, just like it is spelled. This is a long shot, but does somebody in the “know”, know how Mr. Collins, the cartoonist pronounced the name of his character, Kevin?

    Thank you!

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    1. Kevin, how great to hear from you. My grandfather pronounced it in the more common way, with a short “e”. As a matter of fact, I know of another person who seems to have been named for the strip, my uncle Kevin, one of Kreigh Collins’ four sons.
      “Kevin the Bold” appeared in newspapers for 18 years and was very widely syndicated. Please check previous posts on my blog and you’ll be happy to see that your namesake was a very kind, brave and virtuous man who never backed down from a fight and always put others’ needs before his own.
      Thank you for sending a message, I hope you will continue to read my blog, which features a new post each Sunday.


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