Earning His Epithet

In this last part of the Moorish Pirates sequence, Kevin is determined to go down swinging, and he waits for the proper moment to make his move.

KTB 112650 HA 150 QCC

KTB 120350 HA 150 QCC

It’s a life and death situation on deck and overboard. Captain Zinbad is dispatched, but Bull Blackie’s life is spared. According to his code of honor, Kevin’s primary responsibility is to save those in danger. It’s unclear how the traitorous Bull Blackie escaped, and it seems he may have been spared in order to appear in future episodes of the comic.

KTB 121050 HA 150 QCC

Meanwhile, Rory took care of business aboard the pirate ship and cleared the decks of her crew. Moya’s grateful countrymen are freed as Kevin remains humble. As a reward for his bravery, the lord of  McCoy Castle presents Kevin with both an impressive trophy and a catchy moniker.

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