Colorful Characters

The third “Kevin” comic introduces the Irish traitor Bull Blackie — and includes cross-dressing and fight scenes. In the fourth episode we meet Rory the Irish Wolfhound, and in the fifth we see Kevin attempt to single-handedly capture a pirate ship.

KTB 101550 HA 150 QCC

Of course, the comics also feature fantastic artwork. There’s a nice high-angle perspective of the pirates’ ship, Moya showing off as many of her charms as she’s allowed to on Sundays, and some beautifully-composed panels (such as the fifth panel of the October 29 comic — there’s quite a bit of information packed into that frame!)

KTB 102250 HA 150 QCCKTB 102950 HA 150 QCC

For now, everyone is safe, but based on the events of these first five comics, no doubt there is danger ahead.

4 thoughts on “Colorful Characters

  1. Great to see these early KEVIN strips in the beautiful Chicago Tribune printings. As we both know, most of the papers that ran this strip had terrible printing quality. I hope Kreigh got to see these Tribune versions. They’re the gold standard for KTB.

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  2. He definitely saw them — most of my KTBs come from Kreigh’s own collection of tearsheets (via my generous Uncle Kevin). Lots from the Tribune (and the Detroit News, which are pretty solid, as well).


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