Fog of War

British ships approach as visibility fades. With Kevin in chains, young Glenn takes on a more prominent role.

KTB 112264 BWP 72 QCC

KTB 112264 TH 72 qcc

KTB 112264 TH Fr 72 qcc

A gauche, les illustrations des tours sont ridicule!

Shots have been fired; Maria has been injured. Chaos. Glenn’s loyalty comes to the forefront.

KTB 112964 BT 72 QCC

KTB 112964 TH 72 qcc

KTB 112964 TH Fr 72 qcc

Ces bandes dessinées doivent avoir été stockés dans une très petite enveloppe pur eux ont été coupée de façon sauvagement!


Kevin and Glenn seem doomed as commander Pereiz de Vargas has lit the fuse to destroy the Seahawk and the navigational secrets hidden inside her hull.KTB 120664 BT 72 QCC

KTB 120664 TH 72 qcc.jpg

KTB 120664 Th Fr 72 qcc

With apologies to francophones, and assistance from Google translate.

Mendoza’s greed has foiled the Spaniards’ plan to destroy the Seahawk, and now Kevin can deliver the secrets of Spain’s naval superiority to Queen Elizabeth. It’s the untold story of how the Spanish armada was defeated and a planned invasion of England was thwarted. And Kevin the Bold was… well, actually in shackles for most of it. But he was there.

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