Kevin vs. the Spanish Armada, Part I

Kreigh’s NEA-syndicated comics, “Mitzi McCoy,” “Kevin the Bold” and “Up Anchor” each ran as serials. The individual storylines could be as short as six episodes, such as in “Mitzi,” or much longer, as was often the case with “Kevin.” The next few posts will feature a storyline from “Kevin” that ran from May to September, about halfway through the 18-year run of the comic. Unfortunately, these comics are third-pagers, but the story is highly entertaining. The first episode, from May 10, 1959 serves as the transition from the previous storyline to the new one.

The original comics are in decent shape, but they are rather yellowed due to exposure to sunlight (the mortal enemy of newsprint). The reason for this yellowing is that they came from Kreigh’s studio — they had been pinned up on the walls to allow him to keep track of continuity. (Note pinholes and Roman numeral “I” on the May 10 comic). The first three comics appear to be from the Detroit News, and the fourth one is from the Chicago Sunday Tribune, which generally had superior color reproductions.

I gave them a quick color correction to sharpen them up. Check in again next week as the story continues…

KTB 051059 TH 72 cc

KTB 051759 TH 72 cc

KTB 052459 TH 72 cc

KTB 053159 TH 72 cc

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