Upsetting the Apple Cart

Today, a 10-episode chapter—KEVIN THE BOLD’s 22nd—begins. Originally, I had planned on featuring the following sequence, but when I realized it was a continuation of this one, I decided it made sense to run them both consecutively. These 22 half pages came from the Chicago Tribune (August 28, 1955 through January 22, 1956).

Many chapters start slowly, with an episode or two setting the scene, but in this case Kevin rolls into town and quickly inserts himself in its affairs.

It’s also clear who the villain is—Count Nargyle—and that his ruthless ways run counter to Kevin’s code of behavior. But by making himself a target, Kevin realizes he needs a place to hide. He finds a great spot to seclude himself—and if the redhead’s dress is indeed torn, no doubt the chivalrous Kevin would avert his eyes. A wise move, as this lovely lass, named Taka, is one with whom Kevin will be glad to be allied.

Despite his earlier narrow escape, Kevin can’t help himself and again makes waves.

His intentions are honorable, but his rash decisions bode ill of his future…


For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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