A Real Gasser

As the chapter with Cecil the Musketeer neared its conclusion, Bob Molyneux lauded Collins’ efforts on the ninth episode, and especially the tenth (shown below).

A veteran of World War II, “Moly” especially appreciated Collins’ renderings of the battle scenes.

As Kevin is accused of desertion, Cecil wins over sergeant Stubbs and makes a daring effort to silence the fort’s cannons.

The plot points of having Cecil using a grappling hook to scale the walls and open the gates were discussed as the script developed, but weren’t actually shown—the dialog helped fill in the blanks. This situation was likely the result of the changes happening at NEA, both in staffing and procedures.

After having mentored Cecil through his Musketeer training, the lad now has a chance to repay Kevin in his moment of need.

With the June 21 episode, the chapter ends rather abruptly—Mary’s father is now happy to have Cecil as his daughter’s suitor. The following week offered a completely new chapter, without the usual sort of transition.

Next week, a new market for KEVIN THE BOLD is revealed.


For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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