Premature Celebration

Kevin finally arrives to warn the local officials of Grommet’s nefarious scheme.

KTB 031261 HB 150 DDR

All together now, a polder is land reclaimed from the sea! This WILL be on the test!

The explosion has destroyed the dyke, and the Van Loo family struggles to stay afloat among the flotsam. The panel in the lower left corner shows poor Elsa and her little dog (modeled after the Collins family’s former spaniel, Inky) struggling.

KTB 031961 BWP 150 qcc

While Kevin has saved Elsa, he also seems to have broken her heart.

KTB 032661 BWP 150 qcc

As Grommet prematurely celebrates, Kevin boldly confronts him.

Here are the three episodes in color, as third-pages.

And here are a couple of Collins’ other renderings of Inky, from the 1930s.

DYK 122435 Xmas Dog

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.


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