Hidden Treasure

Because my collection has only one-third page versions of the next three episodes of this story arc, they have been supplemented with BW versions I found on Newspapers.com. Quality varies considerably from one newspaper’s archives to another, but sometimes hidden treasure is found.

KTB 021460 TH 150 QCC.jpg

KTB 021460 HB 150 AMC

KTB 022160 TH 150 QCC.jpg

KTB 022160 HB 150 AMC

KTB 022860 TH 150 QCC.jpg

While the Carbondale (IL) Southern Illinoisian‘s half-page isn’t as fine as those above, it does have the prestige of featuring “Kevin” as its lead comic strip.

KTB 022860 HB 150 CSI

Count Stabb might have visions of swimming Scrooge McDuck-style in his newfound wealth, but I have a feeling that the outcome might be a bit different. This sequence concludes next week.

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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