Land-Sea Rescue

Captain Smith has managed to get Elizabeth safely to his ship, but what about Kevin and Pedro?

KTB 100867 TH 300 qcc.jpg

A somewhat whimsical rescue plucks Kevin and Pedro from their perch atop the tower, but now the ship is aground. The sight of the two men swinging from the yard was likely dreamt up by Collins while sailing aboard his schooner Heather, and similar antics would appear in his next comic feature, “Up Anchor!,” which debuted a year later.

UA 032369 150 HA qcc

For Captain Smith and his crew, an abrupt and timely change of weather arrives.

KTB 101567 HA 150 qcc.jpg

The story arc concludes within the confines of the third-page format, but readers fortunate enough to see the half-page version are treated to a rather provocative question from Elizabeth—would Kevin finally get the girl?

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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