A Cripple Cured

Both Kevin and the Tyrantslayer receive a shock, but it’s all good news. Emboldened by the positive turn of events, the old man puts his body—or what’s left of it—on the line.

KTB 110754 150 HA CST qcc.jpg

[I stand corrected, the old man does have a name—Alexi. I still prefer “Tyrantslayer”].

KTB 111454 150 HA CST qcc

Two more surprises remain, the first being the guards’ reaction to the news of Sarrov’s death. The second involves Prince Ivan…

KTB 112154 150 HA CST qcc

The action transitions to a new story arc, which can be read in its entirety in “Kevin the Bold: Sunday Adventures,” along with a dozen other chapters of Kevin the Bold’s adventures.

Kevin the Bold: Sunday Adventures


Here are over 140 episodes of this rollicking, witty and dramatic lost Sunday comics classic! With elegant artwork and smart storytelling by creator Kreigh Collins, KEVIN THE BOLD blends swordplay, suspense, humor and history in a rugged, highly appealing blend! 95% of the material is sourced from black and white syndicate proofs. Available here.

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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