Run Sadea! Run!

Kevin seems to have met his match as far as loyalty is concerned, as he and Sadea formulate an escape plan. One can imagine the pangs of jealousy Moya McCoy would feel if she could only see Kevin now.

KTB 062451 HF 150 QCC.jpg

My collection of comics grew incrementally, over a period of years. The following comic was an early acquisition; at the time, it was the only one from this sequence that I owned. It was very compelling, yet mysterious. Its tenth panel contained a 1951 NEA copyright, but it lacked an inked-in date anywhere else. This was common for “Kevin the Bold” episodes of the era, but unlike most Chicago Tribune examples, this one wasn’t situated at the top of the comics page. This meant there was no typeset date to prevent any confusion (and there were no clues on the reverse side, either). It wasn’t until years later when I obtained the other comics from the sequence that and I was able to place it in time.

KTB 070151 HA 150 qcc

KTB 070851 HA 150

As the plot twists, and the momentum shifts, Kevin’s prospects fade. Despite the reliable Patch joining forces with Sadea, things look grim.

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

One thought on “Run Sadea! Run!

  1. This sequence is a high point of the strip and of the Chicago Tribune’s outstanding engravers and colorists. The third strip in this post is one of the most sublimely colored comic strips of all time. I’ve only seen the Tribune’s version of this, and can only imagine the cruder versions that were published in small-town papers.

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