Kevin’s Realization

Gigi, scheming how to steal Kevin’s treasure, plies him for information. As Kevin starts to explain, he is rudely interrupted.

KTB 080854 HA CST 100 QCC.jpg

Kevin toys with an enraged Bull Blackie, but things soon turn desperate.

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From a distance, O’Neil watches as matters escalate, and he sees the horrible spectacle of two men falling to a likely death. Unknown to O’Neil, Kevin survives. As Kevin crawls from the surf, he beholds a beautiful vision. Hopefully, this image stays with him; as far as I know, this is Kevin’s last glimpse of Moya McCoy. (Having not read all of the approximately 740 comics that follow, I certainly hope this isn’t the case).

Up in the bell tower, Gigi gets a shock of her own.

KTB 082254 HA CST 100 QCC.jpg

The astute Toto explains things to an embittered Gigi. Determined to lay waste to Kevin’s budding romantic relationship with her rival, Gigi smears Kevin’s reputation. While Moya is nonplussed, Kevin is taken aback, afraid that she will misunderstand his intentions. When O’Neil briefs Moya on what he has seen, things get even bleaker.

KTB 082954 HA CST 100 QCC

Toto arrives and sets the record straight, but Kevin has already departed, seeking the fortune he believes he needs to woo Moya.

To follow Kevin’s next adventure, as he heads east to the Baltic, pick up a copy of “Kevin The Bold: Sunday Adventures, September 5, 1954 to June 2, 1957,” available on The book features the fourteen sequences that immediately followed this one. Black and white syndicate proofs are the source for 98% of the book’s comics. Highly recommended!


For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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