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Early “Kevin the Bold” sequences could stretch over a significant chunk of the calendar. This one, featuring Baron von Blunt, ran for 18 weeks. The Search for Sadea, whose principals appeared in last week’s post, had 22 episodes, and lasted nearly half a year). Such long storylines allowed character development in the strip, and its stories and stunning illustrations proved to very popular with readers. The November 4, 1951 comic is exquisite.

KTB 110451 HF 150 QCC

Kevin and his men face a huge obstacle in trying to deliver weapons along a dangerous mountain path, but they aren’t the only ones trapped between a rock and a hard place.

KTB 111151 HF 150 QCC

As usual, Kevin’s outrageous plan has worked. Astride his horse Satan (won from Count DeFalcon in a jousting tournament), Kevin successfully led the horses down the cliff. Unfortunately, they are not yet home free.

KTB 111851 HF 150 QCC

A close brush with von Blunt has steeled Kevin’s resolve to deliver the people of Glaustark from under the Baron’s thumb. Hoping to clear his mind, Kevin sets out on an evening walk. Meanwhile, Princess Lea also heads out for the moonlight. Perhaps the night air will benefit both of them.

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