Princess Lea Pursued

In preparation for his confrontation with Baron Von Blunt, Kevin musters some forces and makes plans to arm them. His past good deeds help as he calls in a favor. Meanwhile, his antagonist continues his brutal ways.

KTB 101451 HF 150 QCC

About that armor refurbished by Seusenhofer… it looks familiar…

KTB 102151 HF 150 QCC

KTB 102851 HF 150 QCC

Rebuffed by beautiful Princess Lea again, Baron Von Blunt seethes with anger. Vowing to destroy Glaustark, the stage is set for conflict. In an extraordinary final splash panel, Kevin arrives at last. As usual, Stub and Kevin are confident. First, Kevin and his men face an arduous journey just to reach Von Blunt. Then, will they be strong enough to overcome the Baron?

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, please visit his page on Facebook.

One thought on “Princess Lea Pursued

  1. The 10/28/51 strip is notable, as you say. for that jaw-dropping final panel, with Collins evoking the lines of 19th century engravings to depict a horse bursting into the foreground. The blend of delicate and bold lines is masterful and painterly, and probably only looked good in the Chicago Tribune’s printing. The figure of Patch, at the right, has a modern crispness such as you’d see in advertising art of the 1950s. This panel is, I think, Collins’ finest moment as a comics artist.

    Also note that in this Tribune version, there’s no throwaway panel. In this microfilm record of the Reading, Pennsylvania Eagle (which had one of the best Sunday comics sections in the nation), you can see a version of the strip with the customary throwaway panel–it’s on page 73 of the paper…

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