Navel Battle

After several weeks of setup and conflict, this sequence is primed for some classic “Kevin the Bold” ingredients — beautiful women, creepy villains and combat.

Last week’s comic teased with a beautiful drawing of Estrella in its final, double-decked splash panel, and as the sequence continues, Estrella remains prominent. Like many cartoonists, Kreigh Collins used lovely women to help attract readers. However, there were rules, and lines that could not be crossed. As described in this fine article from Vanity Fair about Connecticut cartoonists of the era, you could draw a girl in a bikini but you couldn’t show a navel. Gaze upon Estrella’s tummy and you will notice this to be the case.

With sex appeal now part of the sequence’s mix, it was now time for a new band of villains — this time, cannibals.

KTB 090664 BWP 150

KTB 091364 BWP 150

Good fortune has Kevin being saved by Estrella. Despite his brush with death after being kicked off the Polaris, Kevin is quick to go to the aid of the cannibals’ victim, with a creative and dramatic display.

KTB 092064 BWP 150

Another chance encounter reunites Estrella and Diego, but our friends are not out of hot water yet — the cannibals are still in pursuit.

KTB 092764 BWP 150

Kevin’s bluff is enough to deter the savages, and after a final plot twist, the sequence is completed. The story continues with some comics previously featured on this blog — click here to continue following the action.

This Date in Comics History:

Sunday, October 1 (1950) — “Kevin the Bold” debuts in the Chicago Sunday Tribune, and in papers across the U.S. and Canada.

KTB 100150 HF 300 QCC

“Continued” indeed. The strip ran for 18+ years. 

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, please visit his page on Facebook.

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