Navigation Secrets

The source material for last week’s comics were proofs that my grandfather was sent by the NEA midway through the production cycle — I’m not sure how they were printed, but they are on nice heavy stock. Kreigh would paint on them with water colors and they would be used by the syndicate to generate the color films used in printing the comic.

This week, the comics come from other NEA proofs, but these ones would arrive just prior to the comics coming out in the Sunday funnies, and they included the syndicate’s other comic features, as well. The only disadvantage to these ones is the tabloid format, and the missing throwaway panels. Nonetheless, they are crisp reproductions of the original artwork.

Meanwhile, aboard the Polaris, Kevin is discretely trying to uncover the Spaniards’ secrets to navigating to the West Indies. Surprisingly, he is not alone.

KTB 081664 BT 150 cc

KTB 082364 BT 150 cc

Marco, also trying to uncover the navigational secrets, is on edge. The Polaris sails westward, and loyalties become blurred.

KTB 083064 BT 150 cc

Enraged, Marco worries that Kevin has found his notes, which would lead to his certain death. However, the tension is cut momentarily, with a lovely illustration of a forlorn Estrella, much like a siren, beckoning the readers to stay tuned.

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, please visit his page on Facebook.

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