The Cave Bear

“Kevin the Bold” is essentially historical fiction, as Kreigh Collins used real events from the 15th and 16th centuries on which to base Kevin’s adventures. At times, the comics veered into the realm of fantasy, as with this mid-1953 sequence featuring an enormous, fearsome Cave Bear*.

*Skeptical reader: you say bears only walk on two feet in cartoons? Sure of that? A bear spotted in my home state of New Jersey became famous for his gait. (Sadly, “Pedals” was recently killed during this fall’s hunting season).

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Back in the funny papers, Kevin and Brett arrive in Antwerp, Belgium, seeking passage to Ireland. Their quest for peace and quiet ends abruptly with a chance encounter with an old friend. Soon enough, Kevin and Brett learn of their next adventure, and they have set sail for the East.

KTB 061453 HF 200 QCCKTB 062153 HF 200 QCC

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