The Alchemist

KTB 081052 Panel

In the ninth sequence of “Kevin the Bold,” some new characters are introduced. Kevin and Brett meet Dr. Claustus, an alchemist, and Lora, his granddaughter. Calib (a thug from the nearby Castle) is the villain, and Leonardo da Vinci has a cameo appearance. Da Vinci will reappear in the following sequence (and again in 1967, near the end of the comic strip’s long run).

When in need, Dr. Claustus is the type of brilliant man people seek out to solve problems. However, he is mistrusted by others. After a couple of scene-setting comics, the characters become entwined, and the drama starts.

KTB 081752 HF 150 QCCKTB 082452 HF 150 QCCKTB 083152 HF 150 QCC

Twice, Kevin makes a fool of Calib and soon enough his new adversary seeks revenge.

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