In 2004, I acquired my first “Kevin the Bold” comics. I purchased two years of Florida Times-Union half-pages from a woman whose husband had died. The comics were inexpensive, and I later realized that they were rather poor-quality examples. The colors printed rather garishly, there was a lot of show-through and other problems — but it was great having a two-year run of half-page comics.

The action was exciting and featured exotic, nicely-rendered  locales. In the following sequence, rooted in the history of the Hanseatic League, Kevin’s patron wants to find a trade route through the Suez. In order to gain the trust of the powers that be, he has enlisted Kevin to deliver a “priceless jewel” — the Pasha’s daughter has to get home after spending time in Europe. Kevin soon realizes how difficult his assignment will be.

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Stormza is perhaps Collins’s most headstrong female character since Mitzi McCoy, and like Mitzi, she has a knack for getting into — and out of — trouble.

KTB 031355 HF 300 QCC

As usual, the transitional comics in the sequence feature light-hearted, humorous situations.

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  1. Poor KTB! He could’ve been in the St. Petersburg Times, which had strong, crisp color printing, or the Tampa Tribune (not as good, but leagues above the poor Times-Union. That Jacksonville, FL paper stepped up its Sunday comics game in the ’60s, but backslid in the ’70s, as color printing took a general nosedive in quality due to cost-cutting.

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