Gone East

Here is a new story arc from 1963. When I first read these episodes, a few were missing, and I was confused about what was happening—where and how, really.

With Kevin’s measurements indicating they were at 45° South Latitude, I was thinking they had just rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and were headed toward India but no—the storm had driven them toward the west, around Cape Horn and the stormy seas surrounding Tierra del Fuego. (For a vivid description of sailing around the Horn, I highly recommend “Two Years Before the Mast” by Richard Henry Dana Jr., published in 1840).

Suspension of disbelief comes into play here, as Kevin eventually washes up on a beach in Japan.

I think this is the first appearance in the comic strip of people from East Asia. Their skin tones are shown in a unfortunate, stereotypical hue and almost ruin the beautiful illustrations. (In a few weeks, these shades will be toned down). Hopefully, the dialogue spoken by Lord Kira is rendered in genuine Japanese characters, and not some ersatz doodling. Can anyone confirm this?

Anyway, despite the new setting, Kevin finds himself in a familiar predicament.

For more information on the career of Kreigh Collins, visit his page on Facebook.

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