Fortune Teller

The story continues with more beautiful comics. The action picks up, and everyone takes note of Kevin’s entrance—Hassam, Moab—even Moab’s pretty niece.

Moab and his band of desert raiders certainly have good aim with their weapons (shown in a previous post), and the April 6 episode ends with another surprise for Kevin.


Moab shows that he is indeed a man of honor, obeying his people’s “Desert Law.” Kreigh Collins’ portrayal of these honorable men seems refreshing in these days when all Muslims are often perceived to be evil. Perhaps Collins’ portrayal of Moab and his men was influenced by the time he spent in Morocco, as a young man (in 1928).


With an understanding of Desert Law, Kevin and Brett immediately begin to figure out how to escape with their new-found treasure. They will have a bit of a head start, but are facing a formidable foe.

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