Family Jewels

In general, “Kevin the Bold” featured longer sequences than Kreigh Collins’ earlier strip, “Mitzi McCoy.” This allowed for more complicated storylines and better character development. An early 1952 storyline was an exception; it lasted only four weeks. However, it introduced a character who would appear in many of Kevin’s future adventures, Brett Hartz.

In another departure from formula, Brett was introduced more gradually than normal. He and his grandfather appeared in the final panels of the two comics at the end of the previous sequence. Normally, these transitions were more abrupt (and they are shown apart from the rest of their comics in order to avoid revealing the end of the dramatic Baron Von Blunt sequence).


January 13, 1952


January 20, 1952

Brett, an orphan, is being raised by his grandfather. Grandpa has taken precautions to safeguard the family riches — unfortunately, he has not been careful enough.


The landlord’s less serious crime was eavesdropping, but the information he heard proved tempting enough for him to act far more fiendishly. If only there was a champion of children and the oppressed to come to Brett’s aid!

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