The Song of the Angels

These Bible Picture Stories appeared in childrens’ Sunday school publications, and it is interesting to me that this age-old story shows the shepherds complaining about an age-old problem (i.e., This town is so boring!). I’m sure the target audience could relate. However, things soon change…


“The Story of Mary” continues for several more weeks, but this seems like an appropriate time to end this sequence.

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “The Song of the Angels

  1. I’ve looked at the comics that Kreigh Collins drew for the Methodist Publishing House, as well as his painting for such books as DAVID LIVINGSTONE, and even his later comic strip “Legends of Christmas.” He was indeed a talented illustrator as well! What I’m wondering is this: were all of the Biblical types of comics merely an interesting job of work to him, or was he a man of faith? In looking at this site, as well as the Facebook appreciation page, I’ve yet to encounter any writings from Kreigh that indicate that he was a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. Was this so? I know it is a personal question, and I hope not an offensive one. Best regards, Alec Stevens

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