A Turn for the Worse

KTC Moya McCoy bound 111950 qccThe Moorish Pirates, part 3. With the aid of the Irish traitor Bull Blackie, Moorish pirates have been raiding the Irish coast, taking prisoners and selling them as slaves. Soon enough, the Pirates have scored quite a bounty. Despite fighting like wildcats (Moya) and dogs (Rory), all of our heroes have been captured — including Kevin.

KTB 110550 HA 150 QCCKTB 111250 HA 150 QCC

KTB 111950 HA 150 QCC

The double-decked opener of the November 19, 1950 comic provided the artwork for the promotional illustration that appeared in Tit-Bits, at top.

The pirates decide that as a witch, Moya must be killed (not the only time witch-killing was portrayed in the strip). However, they soon learn of Kevin’s creativity and fierce determination to save those in peril, especially those he loves.

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